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Lushan Huayu Wantong Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1995, is a high-tech mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating engineering design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and installation services. The company mainly produces engineering equipment for corn, coarse cereals, food, health care, biological fermentation and other kinds of primary, refined and deep processed food. The products are suitable for various food, alcohol, starch, starch sugar production enterprises, and can provide one-stop services for engineering design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training, and after-sales according to customer needs.

 About us

The company is located in the provincial industrial cluster in Lushan County, Henan Province, covering an area of 60000 square meters, with a total investment of 180 million yuan and 280 employees, including 130 people with college degree or above, 53 professional technicians and 21 process engineers. It has strong technical research and development strength, and established Zhengzhou International Trade and Business Center in Zhengzhou High tech Research and Development Zone in August 2012.

Core values

Create value, share value, observe order and respect value

service idea

Pious, meticulous, rigorous and harmonious

Wantong Spirit

Standardization, value, serialization and differentiation will always surpass our contract

Brand concept

Create and promote civilization, refine and interpret brilliant

management idea

Let our wisdom and passion, under the scientific positioning, slowly create the fruit that will lead you to yearn and aftertaste - Wantong "wisdom" creation

Huayu Wantong always aims to be newer, higher and better. During the financial crisis, it put forward six new ideas - "new form, new thinking, new measures, new height, new image, new world".

development history

two thousand and twenty
Since its establishment, Huayu Wantong has obtained 3 invention patents, more than 40 utility model patents, and more than 50 provincial and municipal qualifications.
two thousand and eighteen
Recommended by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and approved by the Provincial Science and Technology Department, it was awarded the title of Henan High tech Enterprise.
two thousand and sixteen
Participated in the "13th Five Year Plan" national key research and development plan "development and demonstration of characteristic coarse grain refining technology and complete equipment for continuous and large-scale milling".
two thousand and fourteen
The intelligent equipment manufacturing base invested by Huayu Wantong with 180 million yuan was completed in the provincial industrial cluster of Lushan County, and Huayu Wantong achieved leapfrog development.
two thousand and thirteen
Conforming to the development trend of the international market, Huayu Wantong Zhengzhou International Trade Branch was established in 2013. Its international business has made rapid progress, and its products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions. Users around the world have used Wantong's manufacturing, improved corn processing technology, innovated processing technology for small varieties of coarse cereals, and established a complete process system for Huayu Wantong, involving more than 130 grain processing technologies, Become a domestic manufacturer of processing equipment for coarse cereals..
two thousand and twelve
Recommended by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology and approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China, Henan Provincial Research Center for Complete Engineering Technology of Corn and Coarse Grains was established.
two thousand and eleven
Jointly participated with Jiangnan University in the "Food Mycotoxin Reduction Project" in the "12th Five Year Plan" national key research and development plan, and established the "Joint Research and Development Center for Food Mycotoxin Reduction Technology" and the "Transformation Base for Food Mycotoxin Reduction Technology Achievements".
two thousand and six
The company has set up the International Trade Department to recruit foreign trade elites, and is committed to developing overseas markets.
one thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight
The DNM-3B multi-function rice noodle machine independently developed by the company was officially launched, filling the market gap of single machine equipment for corn processing, and quickly sold to the north and south of the country, becoming an industrial product.
one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five
Henan Wantong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (the predecessor of Huayu Wantong) was officially established, and a seed of hope began to take root and grow.
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