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   Huayu Wantong In the process of development in recent years, a distinctive and rich corporate culture has been formed. The construction of corporate culture has become the convergence point of the cohesion and centripetal force of Huayu Wantong, and the driving force for the sustainable development of the enterprise.

The Declaration of Huayu Wantong is the essence of the contemporary corporate culture of Huayu Wantong, which is mainly composed of five parts: Wantong spirit, Wantong purpose, Wantong concept, Wantong brand concept, and Wantong service concept.

Huayu Wantong - derived from science and technology and achieved through perseverance.

Wantong tenet: qualified quality is a social obligation, and good quality is a contribution to society.

Wantong philosophy: to be your satisfactory partner.

Wantong spirit: quality, responsibility, innovation and perseverance.

Wantong Vision: Let everyone in Wantong work enthusiastically and happily.

Wantong mission: to provide customers with high value-added products and services.

Huayu Wantong always aims to be newer, higher and better. During the financial crisis, it put forward six new ideas - "new form, new thinking, new measures, new height, new image, new world".

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