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Video of corn flour processing production line

Published on: August 12, 2022 popularity: Source: Huayu Wantong Grain Machinery

   Corn flour processing production line The design is a complete set of milling equipment produced by our company. The process is reasonable. The milling process adopts separate milling and skin core milling to improve the quality of flour. It features lower requirements for the plant, low power consumption, high output, reduced consumption of vulnerable parts, and more convenient maintenance.

Product features:

1、 Automatic feeding is completed in a simple way to realize continuous milling, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers;

2、 The use of pneumatic conveying reduces the dust and improves the working environment;

3、 The corn flour processing production line adopts high-speed grinder, which greatly improves the production efficiency;

4、 The whole machine adopts three roller feeding, which makes the material flow more smooth;

5、 Simple operation and maintenance, small investment, quick results, it is the ideal equipment for getting rich;

If you want to know more about equipment configuration, on-site commissioning and other details, you are welcome to visit the factory at any time. Address: the intersection of Xinggong Road and Zhongxin Road in the north area of Lushan Industrial Cluster, Lushan County, Henan Province. The manufacturer arranges a special car to pick up and send off, accompanied by a specially assigned person. //

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