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Installation site of Shandong customer's 200 ton/day corn processing complete equipment (picture)

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Case introduction

Shandong customer's daily output is 200 tons Complete corn processing equipment Installation site (figure). The complete set of corn processing equipment with a daily output of 200 tons belongs to FT series large-scale equipment Corn processing equipment With a daily processing capacity of 200 tons, it can simultaneously produce low-fat corn grits, corn flour and corn husks of different particle sizes by adopting the (full dry method) mixed peeling and degerming process. Corn grits and corn flour are processing enterprises using corn as raw materials in food factories, alcohol factories, liquor factories, breweries, lactic acid factories, corn sugar factories, etc. They are also food for urban residents to eat coarse grains and improve their lives. Corn husks can be used as feed.

 Complete corn processing equipment

technological process:

After cleaning and screening, the impurities of corn are removed and enter the moistening elevator. After soaking the corn processing skin in the moistening elevator, the corn enters the storage box, and then enters the peeling crusher. After peeling and crushing, the corn goes through the cone screen to extract the powder, and then enters the embryo extractor to separate the germ and skin. The corn grits after peeling and removing the germ enter the grinder and then flow out from the outlet of the feeder.

Corn - screening - moistening - peeling - degumming - screening - germ extraction - corn grits - milling - bagging.

The installation site of Shandong customer's 200 ton/day corn processing complete equipment (picture). To learn more about equipment configuration, on-site commissioning and other details, go to Huayu Wantong The whole set of equipment, including all auxiliary equipment such as peeling and grit making, can be purchased directly in a one-stop manner, avoiding the time for equipping, as well as accessories and wear-resistant parts. Problems in the later period can be solved in a timely manner. Address: the intersection of Xinggong Road and Zhongxin Road in the north area of Lushan Industrial Cluster, Lushan County, Henan Province. The manufacturer arranges a special car to pick up and send off, accompanied by a specially assigned person. //

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