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100 ton/day corn deep processing equipment, grinding roller and grinding teeth are not easy to be damaged and the cost is low

Published on: March 27, 2023 popularity: Source: Huayu Wantong Grain Machinery

Daily output of 100 tons Corn deep processing equipment The grinding roller and gear are not easy to be damaged and the cost is low! The 100 ton/day corn deep processing equipment includes a base, a power shaft installed on the base, and a grinding cone connected to the power shaft and matched with a mill with a feeding port. Its technical proposal is: a gap adjustment mechanism between the mill and the grinding cone is set along the axial direction of the power shaft. The deep-processing equipment with a daily output of 100 tons of corn can be adjusted according to the grain size to be processed (such as corn, wheat, etc.) and the different requirements for the grain size after processing to meet the requirements of different users. One side above the centrifugal discharger shell is provided with a feed pipe, and an air outlet is provided above the centrifugal discharger shell. One side of the centrifugal discharger shell is provided with a trash outlet, which is provided with a screen mesh, a cover plate is arranged outside the screen mesh, and a change-over valve is arranged below the trash outlet to connect the trash exhaust pipe, which can remove the dust and debris falling with the grain particles, with low manufacturing cost and low energy consumption.

The 100 ton/day corn deep processing equipment is at the end of the grinding slot of the fixed grinding head and the powder outlet end of the dynamic grinding head of the existing conical grinding head, and a ring of plugs with the same thickness and grinding height are added respectively. In this way, the powder particles that cannot be fully broken between the grinding teeth cannot pass through the plug, and the powder particles that pass through the plug are further ground, which can improve the refined flour rate, refined flour quality and grinding efficiency of wheat, and the grinding teeth are not easy to be damaged.

 Corn deep processing equipment

How much is the whole set of equipment for deep processing of 100 tons of corn per day?

The price of the whole set of corn deep processing equipment ranges from tens of thousands to millions, and the specific price should be determined according to the selected model. If you have any questions about model selection, you can come to us for consultation. We can not only provide one-on-one technical engineers to guide you in model selection, but also customize production equipment for you free of charge and provide parameter quotations.

   Huayu Wantong With 30 years of professional production and factory running service, engineers can be arranged for free to design a reasonable set of equipment for you according to your production site, output demand, investment cost, etc. If you are interested in our equipment, you can consult our manual customer service online for free at any time!

The grinding roll and grinding teeth of the 100 ton/day corn deep processing equipment are not easy to damage and the cost is low! Friends in need, please don't miss! Here, Huayu Wantong sincerely invites you to visit the factory. The factory headquarters is located in the north area of the industrial cluster of Lushan County, Pingdingshan City, Henan Province. website: //

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