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Hebei 100t/d corn deep processing equipment has been installed and put into production

Published on: March 3, 2023 popularity: Source: Huayu Wantong Grain Machinery
Case introduction

100t Corn deep processing equipment The automation solution is adopted to greatly reduce the labor expenditure and production cost. The grain art designer and commissioning engineer team ensure the rationality of the process, which not only reduces energy consumption, but also reduces the impact of magazines, ash and bran stars on the finished products. The yield and quality of all kinds of products have reached or exceeded the specified standards, increasing the market competitiveness of products.

 Corn deep processing equipment

The whole set of equipment has the characteristics of reasonable process, durable equipment, strong specificity, reasonable layout, low power consumption, high powder yield, good quality of finished products, etc. The finished product is widely used in food enterprises, sugar enterprises and beer enterprises.

Section description:

1) Fine grits: materials are broken into grits, and endosperm (white spots) with low hardness is refined into powder;

2) Powder brushing: separate the white powder from the material;

3) Sieving: grading according to the size of materials;

4) Suspension: according to the different specific gravity of materials, the micro skin is separated from the grits by air flow;

4. Milling section: adopt the process of multi-channel grinding and screening.

1) Grinding: the surface sand entering the grinder is ground into fine powder;

2) Sieving: separating the fine powder from the material;

5. Measuring and packaging section: the warehouse can reduce the labor consumption, and the measuring and packaging can be manual or electronic.

Technical indicators:

1. Product structure: corn grits/residues, corn flour, corn husks

2. Product yield: Grade corn grits, Grade corn flour 25-30%, Corn husks 20-25%. Total yield of corn grits and corn flour: 75~80%.

3. Finished product indicators

A. Fineness of corn flour: 40-200 mesh (fineness of flour can be adjusted)

B. Sand content:<0.02%

C. Magnetic metal content:<0.003/kg

D. Moisture: storage type 13.5-14.5%

E. Fat content: 0.5-1%

F. Appearance and taste: even particles, golden color, smooth particles without edges and corners, fine powder, pure taste.

Core equipment: vibrating screen, grading stone remover, fan, suction duct, germ remover, germ selector, peeling machine, polishing machine, flat screen, etc.

1. Compared with the complete wet processing technology of corn, the equipment input for grain moistening in the early stage and drying of finished products in the later stage is reduced;

2. Complete set of dry processing technology of corn, no need to contact water during material processing, and the processing is more hygienic, simple and labor-saving;

3. Use peeling equipment to reduce the loss of endosperm in the process of peeling;

How much does it cost to invest in a set of corn deep processing equipment?

The price of corn deep processing equipment is mainly determined according to the customer's requirements for raw materials, output and finished products. Generally, the higher the output is, the larger the model of equipment is, the more expensive the equipment configuration of production line is. That is, there are production lines with only a few million sets, and there are also production lines with a million sets. Therefore, the price depends mainly on the specific situation.

In addition, the price of corn deep-processing equipment depends on the operating mode, manufacturer's region and strength of the manufacturer. Generally speaking, manufacturers in Henan, a major industrial province, will be more affordable. In addition, there are many manufacturers here, and most of them are direct sales. Such manufacturers sell equipment with high cost performance, such as Huayu Wantong That's right. To learn about the detailed equipment quotation of Huayu Wantong, please feel free to consult us online at any time. Here is a professional product manager who will answer for you online in real time.

Hebei 100 ton/day corn deep processing equipment has been installed and put into production. Friends in need, please don't miss! Here, Huayu Wantong sincerely invites you to visit the factory. The factory headquarters is located in the north area of the industrial cluster of Lushan County, Pingdingshan City, Henan Province. website: //

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