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Shandong Dezhou 100 ton corn processing equipment installation and commissioning completed and officially put into production

Release time: 2022-10 popularity: Source: Huayu Wantong Grain Machinery
Case introduction

100t Corn processing equipment The daily processing capacity of raw corn grain is 100 tons, and corn grains, corn flour and corn grits with different particle sizes are processed by full dry process. The 100 ton corn processing equipment is easy to operate, with high output and low power consumption. It can complete the cleaning, peeling, germ removal, root removal, black navel removal, crushing, grit removal, grading, polishing, selection and other processes of corn at one time. After finishing, the finished corn is smooth in appearance, uniform in granule and bright in color. It can directly enter large supermarkets and grain and oil wholesale markets.

The 100 ton corn processing equipment is mainly composed of bucket elevator, vibrating screen, magnetic separator, low-pressure fan, stone remover, sand roller peeling machine, bucket elevator, silo, sand roller peeling machine, bucket elevator, double air peeling polishing machine, bucket elevator, self balancing vibrating grading screen, specific gravity germ extractor, granulator, elevator, cylinder polishing machine, elevator Cylinder polishing machine, low-pressure fan, suspended screen, elevator, grading flat screen, suction separator and other equipment.

 Corn processing equipment

How much is a set of corn processing equipment

The quotation of corn processing equipment in the market is based on its own production cost and sales mode, so there is always a gap between the quotations received by users. How much is a set of corn processing equipment? There is no solid number because:

1. Equipment model: There are many types of corn processing equipment, and different models of equipment have different output and prices.

2. Manufacturer: There are many manufacturers producing corn processing equipment on the market. Different manufacturers spend different costs, and their equipment prices are different.

So how can we choose the model that suits us, and how can we get the quotation of corn processing equipment? You need to visit several manufacturers to learn about the quality and performance of the equipment produced by them, and then compare the price, comprehensive comparison of the cost performance of the equipment, and choose the equipment that is more in line with your heart.

   Huayu Wantong It is a trustworthy manufacturer with three heavy production workshops. Professional technical engineers can customize different types of corn processing equipment for you, and professional engineers can provide you with free equipment installation. There is also a 24-hour after-sales service team to provide you with equipment repair and maintenance services.

1. The 100 ton corn processing equipment in Dezhou, Shandong Province was installed, commissioned and put into production. If you want to know more details about equipment configuration and site visit, you are welcome to visit the factory at any time. Address: North Area of Industrial Cluster, Lushan County, Henan Province. The manufacturer arranges a special car for reception and a special person to accompany you, so that you can enjoy excellent treatment. Huayu Wantong can purchase a complete set of equipment in a one-stop manner, and any problems in the later period can be solved in a timely manner, and the after-sales service is guaranteed throughout the whole process. website: //

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